Do You Want to Roadtest My New Weight Loss Motivation Video Course?

Harriet Morris
Harriet Morris

In January I will be launching a video course in weight loss motivation – and I’m looking for roadtesters.This is open to everyone who is a Shift Inside subscriber – but there are a couple of conditions (see below)

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Why your guilt over your weight is piling on the pounds – and how to reverse this

How to turn your struggle into an adventure

The invisible reasons you are self sabotaging

How to connect your weight loss to bigger goals

The dangerously addictive (and widespread) slimming strategy that is counterproductive…and what to replace it with

The 16 letter B word every shapeshifter needs to know. This explains
why diets fail 99% of people

How you way you think about this issue can either add or take off
weight – with no change in your eating

How to identify mood hijacker foods and how to get off them

How to continue with your health and weight goals even when life
throws you curveballs (clue: this has nothing to do with willpower)

The key to transforming emotional eating so it’s no longer a crutch.

The mystery of weight regain unlocked: the hidden psychological
reasons so many reverse their hard work

The secrets of body confidence and how it’s a gift you MUST give yourself

The mental diet you should go on that will help you become one of the
1% of permalosers who are done with weight watching

The invisible command centre in your head for weight loss and gain,
and how to get it working for, not against, you

Why social media can make you fat


If you would like to take part as a roadtester, there are some points to be aware of:

  • The roadtesting period is from 1st to 14th December. During this time I will send all roadtesters a mix of written and video content. All I require from you is you read/watch the content, try the ideas out and feedback to me. No need to try everything out. If you only implemented say two or three ideas and they help, then that’s a great result for you. I imagine this will require about 2 hours of your time in total.
  • I will require 2 emails over the 2 weeks giving me feedback on how the ideas are working for you.  The videos will be released during the fortnight.
  • Please be honest – tell me the unhelpful as well as the helpful ideas.
  • This can be used in conjunction with any weight loss plan. Equally, you can just try the ideas out without following any set method.
  • There is no set cost on your part – however at the end you will have the opportunity to pay what you believe it is worth. Please note that commitment and feedback are more important to me than money.

I’m In! How Do I Take Part?

Simply fill in the form below and you’re in! I will be in touch on 1st December.

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    What do you believe is/are your biggest blocks to reaching your ideal weight?

    Are you willing to commit to giving feedback twice during the roadtesting period of 1st to 14th December?

    Many thanks!

    Harriet Morris