Christmas & Holiday Survival Kit

To get through any period of celebration where Junk is the norm

Christmas (or any junk-filled holiday) is here, but have no fear - so is The Eating Coach!


Here is a resource goldmine of podcast episodes, private client pages and external links to help you get through this time.


What I hope to give you is part inspiration, part practical strategies, and part fun distraction. Let me know if it helps!




Start here with C.L.O.S.

Christmas Client Help Page

Great podcast episodes: This page has 10 days of minisodes created for the whole of the festive and New Year period, 23rd December to 1st January inclusive PLUS some really useful longer episodes:

Eating Coach Holiday Survival Kit

Ideas for what to do when there are no check ins :

Helpful Client Information Pages:

Sugar Replacement Recipes

FFS Replacements


Visualisation Audios for Relaxation

Walk Away From The Junk - guided audio plus visualisation audio:



Cravings Busters

FFS Cravings Busters


It Is What It Is page

Difficult Situations

Developing neutrality around unhelpful choices

Cravings and The Wagon

Accept & Allow: Letting Go and Changing

Accept and Allow

Fun Stuff!

Relax and have a good laugh with the resources below. It will help you de-stress, which helps you manage your food.

#1 The Funniest Ever Episode of This American Life


#2 A Selection of My Favourite Stand Up Comedy Clips

Watch here

#3 Everything Is Alive

A podcast where objects like lampposts and cans of cola are interviewed? Are you joking??? 

This is not laugh out loud, but I absolutely love the quirky nature of this show. It is surprisingly humbling, but always brings a big smile to my face. My favourite episodes are Louis the can of cola and Chioke the grain of sand. 

Listen here