Creating A Testimonial


This page will help you create a short testimonial using some prompts.


Good testimonials are before and after stories.


They do NOT need to be perfect or polished - in fact not polished makes it more authentic.


Do NOT worry about making your testimonial a certain length.

Here are the optional prompts you can use for what you are going to say:

I decided to have this coaching /do this retreat because.... (describe your issues: binge eating, sugar addiction, felt guilty, felt like a failure etc)

What I liked about it was... (For example: I changed how I felt about these issues (say how), I managed to do X and I had never done that before, I enjoyed X Y and Z such as the supportive group, the teaching resources)

If you have an anecdote such as making a better choice, feeling motivated to do something more healthy etc please include it.


Changes I saw were...

Did you notice any specific changes during or after the experience? eg I ate more slowly, my IBS eased off, I sat through a business meeting and took my replacement snacks, I reduced my binge eating by ...%. Talk about them.


Now I feel...

Please describe any improvements in how you feel, eg less guilty, liberated, hopeful



Anything Surprising?

It is common for my clients to surprise themselves with what they can do when we remove the inner critic and the metronome. Please describe anything unexpected like that.


Audio Testimonials

Audio testimonials that I can play on the podcast and put on my website are valuable to me. To record yours,  tap the big orange button below to start recording. NB You do not have to say your name if you don't want to.

If you would prefer to do your testimonial as a short interview with me, just let me know. No problem!

If you say something you want to 'delete', no problem, just let me know. Everything is editable.