A Free Eating Coach Interactive Session


Starts Monday 26th September 

Walk away from sugar - without the struggle

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This free 3-day adventure reveals how even the most dyed-in-the-wool food rebel can disrupt their cravings and walk away from sugar - without willpower, self-discipline or even self-belief.


Why cravings are not your fault
A new way to look at cravings (stolen from Einstein)
The reason that willpower and self-discipline always fail in the end
The Minions strategy that will make this a whole lot easier 

Why An 'Anti-Challenge'?

One of the main problems for compulsive eaters is that they are caught between two opposing energies within them (all this gets explained during the 3 sessions). One of these is their Inner Food Rebel. And there's nothing a rebel loves more than disrupting rules that are imposed onto it. And that is sort of the definition of a challenge! We are going to be craftier and more subtle than to try to dictate to ourselves. 

In anti-challenge, we ditch willpower and self-belief in order to tap into sit down for peace talks with our self-sabotage...while tying its shoelaces under the table!

The answer is to attend The Eating Coach Zoom session on Thursday 28th July at 8pm UK time.

It is free, but there will be no recording. This is only for people who take the trouble to attend. It is a highly experiential session. (Can't make it? Email me info (at) theshiftinside dot com - as I can re run this session if there is enough interest).

In it you will….

* Understand the science behind why slow eating is such a powerful appetite suppressant and digestive aid, not to mention anti-stress technique

* Discover two simple and fun slow eating games that work with zero effort on your part

What you will NOT have to do:

No need to eat slowly for more than five minutes 

No need to eat on camera (you can turn it off if you like - your choice)

Bring a piece of fruit or salad veg (eg apple, banana, cucumber, celery etc), a plate and a knife 

This session is free. If you already get my Note From emails, there is no action to take - I will remind you and send you the Zoom link in good time.

Otherwise, fill in the form to ensure you get the Zoom link. This will not be posted in the Facebook group.