The Cravings Anti-Challenge

Session 3

Cravings Are The Doorway To Getting Your Life Back

The aim of this anti-challenge is to help you walk away from sugar and other food that you crave AND make this an empowering experience.

Recap Session 2

  • Creative Diversion beats willpower

  • Cravings Busters

  • Do your experiment 

Discussion - How did the experiment go? 

Session 3:

Cravings Are The Doorway To Getting Your Life Back

No food has any power. You cannot have a relationship with food. It mediates your relationship with yourself (Inner Critic, Inner Food Rebel, Wounded Child etc)

How does this make you feel? Scared or liberated? Dismayed or powerful?

In the Despicable Me movies, the minions are the servants of Gru. They can help him with external problems, but not the really big transformations he experiences - trusting other people, becoming a father and partner.

Cravings Busters are minions. They can help you walk away from sugar, but you need something deeper to deal with the invitation that life has issued to you: to live fully, which you cannot do when you are addicted to sugar.


What do you think you could do in the next year if you did not need sugar?

Where are you using junk food to hold yourself back?

Group coaching programme launching during October

Weight loss transformed from the structure of struggle that is based on perfectionism, unrealistic standards, body hatred, guilt, shame and the lie that success is personal (we know it is structural)


An adventure where you neutralise your body hatred and use a better structure for success based on using becoming stronger and lighter and optimising your health rather than reaching a number on the scale.

*Cultivate deeper reasons (health, how you feel) for losing weight than externals

*Focus on eating slowly.

*Exercise for enjoyment and resilience.

*90% beats perfection.

*Retrain your brain to get hits of dopamine and serotonin from non-edible sources.

*Different ways of showing up in life so you don't have to eat your stress.

*Leveraging the awesome power of your primitive Cavebrain to be happier.

*And lots more!


Interested? I need to know where you are struggling. Let's do a Zoom coffee - or email me (Not a sales call in disguise!)

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