The Cravings Anti-Challenge

Session 2

Einstein's Creative Diversion

The aim of this anti-challenge is to help you walk away from sugar and other food that you crave AND make this an empowering experience.

Recap Session 1

  • Success is structural, not personal

  • Replace the structure of The Metronome with experimentation

  • Do a cravings audit before the experiment with new ways to walk away from junk

Discussion - How did the cravings audit go? 

Session 2: Einstein's Creative Diversion 

(zero physics required - yay!)

Most important takeaway from today:

Don't fight your cravings - channel them instead 🙂

Creative diversion - not willpower - is the key to managing cravings

Any questions?


Repetition + Emotion makes any new habit more automatic

See Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg

Action Step

Do your experiment!

You decide how long for - think INTREPID

Use the replacements + Cravings Busters + any knowledge you gor from the audit