The Cravings Anti-Challenge

Session 1

The Shift from Struggle to Empowerment

The aim of this anti-challenge is to help you walk away from sugar and other food that you crave AND make this an empowering experience.

Reminder: Replacements

Discussion - What sugar replacements have you used up to this point? How do you feel about them? Good? Indifferent? Not great?

Success is Structural, Not Personal 

Also: if success were personal, you would never have heard of any of these people:

Does this make sense? How is it landing that success or failure has little to do with your personality? Agree? Disagree? 

Success is Structural.

Example of a Faulty Structure:

Replace this Structure with one that  calms your Inner Food Rebel AND shuts your Inner Critic up!

Can you think of examples for these last areas (work, relationships, money etc) where trial and error were great teachers?

In this anti-challenge, we are going to do an experiment to find out which strategies work for you as an individual to help you walk away from junk when you get cravings.

We will do this experiment after session 2.

Why wait, Harriet?

Two Reasons:

#1 The experiment will be much more useful if you do a Cravings Audit

#2 You get the beautiful gift of psyche up time! (More info tomorrow on that - short audio)