Understand Cortisol and You Can Trick Yourself Into De-stressing

Cortisol is a stress hormone the body produces when you feel threat.


Ever seen wing mirrors that show an object as being closer than it really is? Cortisol does that with time.

It makes your perception of time speed up - great for our ancestors being chased by lions, but pretty useless today when so many non-lethal sources of stress surround us.

Most people are too passive with stress. This is understandable, because we are wired to be hyper reactive to stress when it is a warning sign your life is being threatened. But constant reactivity to every stress = passivity.

Stress eating is a way to tolerate this passive state of accepting stress. But is the price you pay worth it?

An Alternative

#1 Proactively Manage Stress

Play tricks on time. Set too much time for your firsat item on your to do list. Instantly you are ahead!... and de stress. Cortisol down.

Write your start time for work at eg 10am, but actually start it at 9am. Bingo! You are well ahead. Cortisol down etc.

When you feel frantic, take 2 minutes to sit and do nothing. This tells your inner cavewo/man there is no tiger. Cortisol down.

#2 Stop Being So Available To Meet Everyone Else's Needs. 

Say no more often. Strengthen your boundaries. These are challenging but you can change how you show up. You are probably using food to give yourself false energy and comfort as a response to being so available. 

There are ways to build boundaries that do not drag you into the conflict that so many of my clients dread.

#3 If you use eating presence, mealtimes can be anb oasis where you actually destress. they can be a form of meditation.

Eating presence = 90% nourishment + eating slowly

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