Compulsive Checklist

This series of questions and suggestions is designed to help you take action when you feel compulsive. Some of the actions you can do NOW to head off a chaotic eating episode, and some need to be done ahead of time before you reach the point of compulsion.

This is a work in progress. I am excited by this tool and expect to improve it over time

NB The questions are not in any particular order. Scan and focus on the question that speaks to you and seems most helpful.


June 2020

#1 Can you control your environment? Can you physically prevent access to the junk?

Can you walk away?

Is the compulsion too strong to make that an option?

What if you only had to walk away for 5 minutes?

Who can you connect to, and make a tiny commitment to walk away for five minutes? Can you post in the Slack group?

What reward can you offer yourself for walking away?

If you are at a social event with lots of junk around, accept that there may be a limit to your ability to control your environment.

LONG TERM ACTION STEPS; what can you do next time to prevent your cravings? Big nutritious meal beforehand. Are you eating enough protein and healthy fat first half of the day? What is your meal planning like? 

Are there any social/family dynamics which encourage chaotic eating at social events? How can you deal with these directly?


#2 What is your emotional state? Can you channel and release difficult emotions and stress?

You cannot eat chaotically without being in a state of stress. 

How can you express your feelings so you don’t have to eat them?

Graffitti writing or any other from the Cravings Busters


Go for a walk and record your feelings into your phone, then delete

Scream into or punch a pillow

Draft an email but DO NOT SEND at the moment. I would add in an extra security measure and draft the email in word so I was not tempted to send before I had calmed down.

On the other hand, sometimes it is the right moment to say your truth.