Let's Collaborate

and help each other grow

Interested in appearing on a long running podcast with over 200,000 downloads? How about earning affiliate commissions without even having to sell any of my paid products or services? Let's collaborate and help each other.

I am a coach who helps binge eaters and people who are addicted to sugar. I also work with body image issues. My Eating Coach podcast has been running since 2017, when it was chosen as one of Apple's New and Noteworthy shows the day after its release.

As a solo podcaster, I am looking to add some new voices to my show to add variety and others' perspectives and wisdom.

I am about to launch a new feature called One Thing where anyone with value to add has five minutes in the middle of my show all to themselves. This would be in the form of an audio MP3 or WAV that you record and send to me. You provide the value and get the chance to plug your business in return.


One idea to feel more confident in a high stakes situation

One idea about managing your mindset during menopause

One strategy to get a better night's sleep

One way to manage self trash talk 

One idea for using technology less 

A grounding exercise.

A personal anecdote about how you dealt with a food issue or improved how you feel about food. Ditto exercise, body image.

As you can see, all but the last one are not directly related to eating.  If you wish to submit an anecdote about improving your personal experience with food, you must not be a competitor of mine. 

The Audience 

My audience is overwhelmingly female, educated, over 30 with a majority over 40. They have long running issues with overeating, binge eating, sugar and body image. Behind these issues there is stress, unresolved trauma, feelings of inadequacy. Many are people pleasers. You should note that they are tired of the messages that are accepted wisdom in not only the health but personal development fields. I never use calorie counting, or the scales as measures of progress and I generally keep away from the topic of weight loss - although if you have anything new empowering  to say about weight get in touch before you record an audio.

I curate my content carefully. It is best to drop me a quick email outlining your idea or get on a quick 15 min Zoom call with me (see below for scheduler), and I will let you know if it will appeal to my audience. The address is info (at) theshiftinside.com

I have included some links at the bottom of this page so you can do your due diligence and see whether I am a good fit to collaborate with you. Or feel free to book a 15 min coffee chat with me - here is my scheduler https://hmorris.as.me/15

Whether you are a coach in a complementary field, or someone who has struggled with food issues but has an idea/strategy that worked for them, you are welcome! You record five minutes max of audio (not video) (if you go over a few secs no worries).  MP3 or WAV formats are fine and you have the opportunity to briefly plug your business - one sentence plus a link, which I will put in the shownotes.

The idea is to give one idea, one tip, one strategy, bust one myth. 

Earn Commissions Without Selling A Thing

I have an affiliate programme where you can earn commissions for recommending my free lead generators. See this page for more details.

True Collaboration

I want this to be the start of some meaningful long-term collaborations. I have seen far too many people who read the words 'podcast guests wanted' whose only interest is how others can promote them.

In return for a spot on my show, I would like you to promote that episode wherever you talk to your audience - email, social media. I will provide an infographic for you to share.

This autumn I have two promotions - my Cravings Anti Challenge of the week starting 26th September, and something around Halloween. Both are part of the affiliate programme, so promoting me is a win-win for both of us!


I'm Interested! What Now?

There are different ways to take the next step.
Sign up to any of my free lead generators in the affiliate programme to see if they would appeal to your audience . Check them out here
Book a 15 min coffee chat to ask any questions you might have
Email me: info (at) theshiftinside.com with your idea for the One Thing segment.
Join my Eating Coach Facebook group and see what sorts of convos people are having with me. Do they sound like your audience?
And of course you can listen to The Eating Coach podcast 

Update 21st September

Spots are now open for contributors to the One Thing segment from the first week of October onwards. Email me with your idea to info (at)theshiftinside.com 

Here is the graphic for my lead generator Freedom In Five.


Freedom In Five