Cold showers for health. Can it be done?

What happens when someone who doesn’t like an avalanche of just above zero water does a 30 day experiment to do just that? This is my video diary, with the emphasis on making this change doable, not too painful and entirely sustainable. Let’s see what happens.

Day 1 – Thursday 25th January 2024

Day 2 – Friday 26th January

Please note that my phone camera has reversed the image, so that when I talk about say “twenty to” on the temperature guage as clock, my hand actually indicates twenty past.

Today I talk about challenge not overwhelm, every day a bit more challenge, and how this practice can replace your morning coffee.

Day 3 – Saturday 27th January

Day 4 – Sun 28th January

Days 5 – 8 (Monday 29th January to Friday 2nd Feb)

Day 9 – Saturday 3rd February – to follow

Days 10 – 14 (Sun 4th – Thurs 8th February) -to follow