Reclaim Your Life From Food

See up to a 95% reduction in your binge eating, compulsive overeating - and make sugar a non issue in your life

Neutralise Self-Sabotage

Replace the guilt-driven struggle of deprivation and feeling bad about yourself with an adventure fuelled by curiosity.

Calm Your Inner Food Rebel

Get to know and influence this hidden force behind your binge eating. No more inner conflict - instead work with your inner rebel and be amazed!

Step Into Your Power

Your food compulsion is a beautiful alarm call awakening you to reclaim your life. Turn recovery from eating issues into the path to personal power. 

Who Is This Coaching For?

You should consider applying if:

*You are sick of feeling guilty about the way you eat

*You eventually rebel against any set diet or eating programme that tells you what to eat (and what not to eat)

*You hate how disempowered this whole battle with food makes you feel

*It is important for you to become a role model for younger people and children in your life

*More than anything you long to be free of the power you feel that food has over you

*Your life is too precious to waste fretting over this issue!

What Happens After You Apply

Harriet will carefully read what you write and if she feels she can help you, will invite you to a Pathfinder call. This is no obligation Zoom call to discuss your needs in further detail.

Coaching That Actually Works

I had tried everything: 25 years of failure. Harriet helped me reduce my binges from every weekend to now only occasionally. One year on, it's still working!

Louise Mitchell

I went from hopeless, weak & desperate. Harriet helped me redirect my cravings energy and reframed failure as a learning experience.

Jessica Romrell

Who is Harriet Morris?

Harriet Morris is The Eating Coach and empowers compulsive eaters to achieve up to a 95% drop in binge eating without feeling deprived or bad about themselves. Her own journey of recovery from compulsive eating and sugar addiction started when she turned 40.

Using a blend of psychology and neuroscience to help her clients, Harriet helps clients dismantle their useless guilt and put their inner food rebels out of a job!

Her podcast The Eating Coach has had over 200,000 downloads. She is also the creator of The Body Confident Project, which makes mirror acceptance entirely possible – and within a month.