Coaching Areas

Within the Reclaim Your Life From Food Programme

Below is a list of areas I may potentially work on with clients. Some I do with everyone, others depend on the client.

You may not be aware of how important a certain area is to work on, and so there will be topics that I will choose. However, I would like you to pick out anything from the following list that particularly appeals to you or feels important to work on, and we will work on those throughout the programme.

I would like you to email me (info @ and make the subject ‘Coaching Areas’. In the body of the email just list those areas that you want to work on most. Please say either ‘in order of importance’ or ‘in no particular order’.

If nothing from this list leaps out at you, just tell me that.

If everything seems important, please list them in order of priority. Imagine you could choose just one to achieve this week - which would it be? The what would be next week's goal?

Any other info you want to give me or suggestions for other areas to work on are very welcome.

Giving up sugar

Releasing guilt/shame around food

Giving up a specific foodstuff (please specify)

Reducing/eliminating alcohol

Eating slowly

Comfort/Emotional eating

Increasing motivation

Making good habits effortless

Increasing exercise

Stress reduction

Meal planning (for people who hate meal planning!)

Body image

Dealing with cravings (specify what for)