Client Updates

This is the page for general client updates about holidays and other changes that affect you.


I am on holiday Sat 21 December to Saturday 4th January 2020.

This means there will be no sessions or check ins during that time. Last check in will be Fri 20 Dec and First check in of next year Monday 6th January.

If you need to message me over the holidays, feel free (up to 10 min total). I will be on the train a lot on Thursday 2nd Jan so I will check in and listen to any messages then. Remember I never have notifications on my phone so I will not be disturbed by any messages at any time.

On Friday 20/12 I will send you the link for the Christmas Survival Kit - a collection of Xmas podcast minisodes plus useful other links for you.


Some ideas on managing chaotic eating urges and keeping up motivation while there are no sessions or check ins:

See this page

I want to especially recommend the idea of  audio recording how you feel as a way to discharge compulsive urges/cravings. You tell yourself that you can have the five minutes - but first get your phone out and record your feelings into a voice notes app. Both I and other clients have found this incredibly good at stopping the compulsion in its tracks.



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