Client Messages

This page is for general messages regarding client check ins, communication, holiday dates etc.


6th Nov 2017 - Check in changes/Holiday dates for December/Connectivity


CHECK IN TIMINGS I have always intended to reply to check ins in the early evening every weekday, as it seemed logical, nearing the end of each day.


However what has happened is that I have more early evening coaching sessions now, and because I always want to complete session notes for you as soon as possible, sometimes check ins have fallen by the wayside. I must apologise for this.


I have decided that the most realistic solution is for me to set aside time just before 9am to message everyone, because at this time I never have a session. Some of you have decided that your check in action is early morning, so for you I will be checking in about that day’s action.


For those of you who are checking in on something else (eg going all day without a certain foodstuff) the pre 9am message will be about the day before.


I will reply to any reply to send me during the course of the day as usual.


I hope this is satisfactory for everyone.




EXTRA MESSAGES I am more than happy to hear from you outside your daily check ins, for example if you are using the text salvation cravings buster and want to quickly message me with a commitment to walk away for five minutes . Please be aware that I will always reply to these extra messages on the same day, but it may not be immediately. I often place my phone in a different room when I am writing for example.




WHATSAPP There have been some connection issues with Whatsapp. If this is the case for you, then I suggest either texting, Instant Messaging or good old email. We can decide in your next session. If anyone has heard of a different, new way to message (preferably one that makes me a nice cup of tea!), please let me know!


I hope this is all clear. Any questions or comments, please let me know ASAP.



DECEMBER HOLIDAY I will be taking a complete break from coaching and check ins between Tuesday 19th December and I will return to work Tuesday 2nd January 2018. During this time you are welcome to check in by email, which I reply to on 2nd January. All coaching programmes will be extended by two weeks to compensate for this break.


Please let me know if there is anything extra I can put in place ahead of time to support you during these two weeks.


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