CLOS: How To Deal With Christmas and Other Big Feast Times

The four words to remember are


Limited time



It is an extra CHALLENGING time of year. Everyone is overeating and there is too much unhealthy food around. But it only lasts a LIMITED TIME. If restriction makes you want to eat more, then OBSERVE yourself instead: this will encourage neutrality. Instead of criticising yourself for any overeating, ask observational questions like: what will make the next big food event easier tomorrow? And finally if there is one thing that will help you the most it is to SLOW down your eating as much as possible.

Other Ideas and Resources

*Slow eating games walkthrough audio to follow along:

Do this at least once - preferably within the next 24 hours. Pick your favourite game and use it as often as possible. Box eating and beat the clock backwards can be done at a party with nobody noticing!

NB If the above audio player doesn't work, please copy and paste this web address into your browser:

*Theta Affirmations

Create specific ones for specific events: “ At Christmas dinner today, I will allow myself to eat slowly and really enjoy the food. I am looking forward to doing box breathing for the first five mouthfuls”.


*These two episodes of The Eating Coach podcast:



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