Your New Choices - Part 2

An Inner Shift


Once you have made affirming your new choices a regular habit, you are going to link each belief to a specific action. Then we embed that action into your subconscious so it is normalised on a deep level and becomes much easier to integrate into your everyday life.


This is a very exciting process that starts feeling like magic as things you have resisted start becoming more automatic and effortless. 


You can use this for non food habit change too. 

I personally use this process most days and it is the nearest thing to a magic pill I have found for habit change.


How It Works

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have been practising saying your new choices for at least a week, preferably after meditation. This will have given you time to modify or weed out any that are too far out for your subconscious to accept (for example "My new choice is I can make £1,000,000 this year" is too unbelievable for the subconscious of someone who makes £50,000 a year and they would need to modify the goal for now. It is a great 10 year goal though. As Tony Robbins points out, most people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in ten years).



Take one of your new choices, for example: I eat slowly

We are going to create a corresponding action for that belief, something specific you can point to as proof that you are aligned with the new choice.


For example: I take a deep breath before each of the first 5 mouthfuls of food everytime I eat.


IMPORTANT: The action must be stated in the present tense (I take a deep breath) and quantified (before 5 mouthfuls of food). It will be much easier for you to start doing the action if you observe these two rules.


Now create a new statement using this template:

Now it's true that (state new choice), I (state action)


Example: Now it's true that I eat slowly, I take a deep breath before each of the first 5 mouthfuls of food everytime I eat.

IMPORTANT: you do not have to already be doing the new action. The point of this new statement is to make the new action acceptable to the subconscious before you attempt it. It is like having Tony Robbins coach a teenager who is in trouble with the police for burglary. The boy tells Tony "I'm hard, me" and Tony ignores him, telling him he believes in the boy, ignoring all the evidence to the contrary, and that he knows this young man is a great contributor to society. After weeks of positive input, the young man just feels like starting a business telling people how to secure their houses from burglars. 


Your resistance is that young man's self image as a criminal, and this process is your own personal Tony Robbins in your head! 



Repeat step one for all of your new choices, and write them out. I like to write them out on cards.



After your meditation practise, take your new statements and read them out at least once a day - preferably twice.


Listen to the theta wave audio that I will email you while saying your statements, this relaxes your mind and makes accessing the subconscious easier. I like to take three breaths before I start, and read each statement out twice, then take a deep breath in between each one. Try out what works best for you.