Change One Thing

This is a small group one month online programme designed to laser in one changing one aspect of your eating, exercise or body confidence. 

This is for you if you are determined to:

  • Reduce or eliminate one foodstuff
  • Turn exercise or any other healthy habit from a chore to something that is effortless
  • Develop a daily practice that supports your eating and body confidence
  • Turn around a habit of temporary success, followed by failure

How Is this Programme Different?

Avoiding the well-worn road to failure you have probably gone down already with all-or-nothing extreme plans and fantasies with oh-so-short shelf lives, this experience is different because:


*It helps you deal with your own inner resistance by giving you practical tools to walk away from temptation, even when you feel 110% compulsive


*It will turn down the volume on your negative self talk and give you the ability to be neutral about your so-called "failures"


*Being in a small, supportive group will stop you feeling so isolated. You will get encouragement on your down days, and change your sense of self from victim to adventurer who can change the story of their eating problem from struggle to imperfect but powerful success.


*Because my approach is founded on the idea that food is not the problem, but a misguided life coping mechanism, this month is highly likely to help you up your game in life 


Harriet Morris

I help my clients understand that whatever the reason they are using food as coping mechanism, it is not their fault. Using a range of strategies, we work on neutralising the uneccessary guilt and ramping up curiosity, by asking different, more illuminating questions about your last binge, for example – or why you succeeded and failed at different times. It is impossible to feel self-critical when you open up your natural curiosity.



This more neutral attitude, that absolutely everyone can develop, creates a very powerful emotional distance from the negative feelings that you think have been justified but have actually perpetuated your eating issues. 



This distance in turn enables you to actually make the desired changes with food a normal part of your life, not just a temporary flash in the pan.


A reformed thief who has served their time can come out of prison and see themselves as an outcast, focusing on the fact that it is now hard to get a job.



…Or they can become a skilled security advisor, who transforms the very thing (their criminality) that once sabotaged their life and caused others pain into a way to help themselves and others.



In the same way, you can do a 180 degree turn in how you see your eating issues. Your binge or compulsive eating, your sugar addiction, you excess weight - they all become the doorway to help you reclaim your life from food.

What Is Included In This Transformative Month

  • Preparation phase content to help lay the groundwork for success (think of it as an extra week free of charge if you are willing to put in the effort)
  • Two 45 minute one-to-one sessions with me - 1 at the start and 1 at the end of the month
  • Exclusive video/audio content with practical exercises every few days
  • A private Facebook group where I will be active every day to share your successes and support each other

In addition to all this, I will be trialling 2 group video calls during the month. Please note this is a possible extra, not an integral part of the programme. I am very keen to offer this, but have never done so before. It will depend on the tech running smoothly!

What Is The Investment?

I will be charging £450 when I have beta tested this programme. At the moment the investment is £250. By taking part, you agree to the following conditions:


#1 If you are happy with what you have achieved at the end of the month, to provide an audio testimonial for my website


#2 To be willing to open up and support other participants as and when you are able to. If you are not into sharing your struggles and victories, this is not the programme for you.

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