Thank you for joining The Eating Coach Facebook group. I have three goodies for you...

A quick note...

This group is just getting going. Of course what everyone wants when they join a group is to see lots of engaged people posting and commenting. Great! they think. I can be part of something interesting.

We can create the same energy even with just a few people, and these people don't need to be spending all their time in the group either. 

So here is my request to you: if this welcome bundle of triple awesomeness is useful to you (as well as proiving how modest I am ;)...can you repay the favour by commenting on 3 other posts -  or even better - other members' comments.


Gift No. One : Cravings Busters

Cravings Busters are how I freed myself from sugar (well there were other things, but this was the thing that stopped me walking out of the supermarket on a daily basis with a bag full of self-sabotage...err, I mean sugar junk).

They are basically distraction techniques I invented that are powerful enough to get you to walk away from sugar - even when you feel 110% compulsive. In the link below, I share three of them. If you are interested, the one that worked the best was text salvation.

Access Cravings Busters here

Gift No. Two: Walk Away In 3 Guided Audio

A guided audio to help you walk away from the junk.

Access the audio here

Gift No Three: Eating Mindset Audit

A 30 minute Zoom call with Harriet  that will give you clarity and start you off on on your mission to put food out of a job and to reclaim your life from food.