From Body Hatred to I Feel Great! In a Month

(no weight loss required)

Do you dislike your body and wish you could accept it more?

Do you want to be a better role model for your daughter?

Do you have a sneaking suspicion that you’d exercise more if you were more comfortable in your skin?

Listen to these real women's experiences doing this project:

  • Go beyond meaningless phrases like “It’s the personality that counts” and develop a rock-solid inner confidence based on neuroscience
  • Learn to decode your harsh inner critic and silence her
  • Turn social media into a body confidence support system (yes, you heard that right!)
  • Learn why you haven’t failed at exercise - it’s failed you
  • ...and change what it means so you can start to fall in love with getting active
  • Be the role model for girls around you that you’ve always wanted to be
  • Understand why mirrors often lie
  • Discover the 8 desire triggers that all heterosexual men respond to that have absolutely nothing to do with your body shape
  • Deal better with stress and learn how to stand up to negative people
  • Hear other women’s real life stories of getting body confident

How It Works

The Body Confident Project comprises 30 x ten-minute dates with yourself sent daily via email. You get a variety of video, audio and written content.

For example:

Date #3: The thought experiment that you do walking down the street that lays the groundwork for self-acceptance

Date #4: The one-minute activity that can make you feel like you own the room

Date #5: Transform what exercise means to you so that it empowers, not defeats you (zero fitness required)

Date #12: How failure can be success

Date #16: The outing that could change everything for you

Date #20: The counterintuitive truth I learnt one rainy day that ramped up my body confidence to new heights

Date #26: A low-stress way to manage other women’s negative trash-talk about their bodies.

This programme uses simple neuroscience to help you gain real, genuine self-acceptance. NB This is NOT the same old superficial fluff you’ve read about ad nauseum in 1001 self-help books gathering dust under your bed.

No, we are going to tap into a very ancient part of your mind (that I call Cavebrain). This has a massive effect on your self-acceptance. And the great news is that Cavebrain is far easier to influence than you might think!

There is the option to have one-to-one coaching and daily check ins.

Lynn says: I have never taken my 3-year-old swimming because I was so self-conscious, but after a few weeks of doing this work I made a pact with myself that I wouldn't let any sort of insecurity stop me making these memories with her when we go on holiday this week. Before, I would have just let her Dad take her in the water.  I'm really looking forward to it, and I have already tried my swimming togs on and told myself: You look great!"


Rachel says: I have fallen in love with exercise (and it used to be a real chore). I have dropped a dress size, and lost my muffin top! I feel better when I go out, and I've even started looking in the mirror and saying "Hey good lookin'!"


Yvette says (about one of the activities):  I love this one. It is really fun and a great way to fill in dead time. But also I like it because it is an exercise in kindness and compassion. 

What The Body Confident Project Is...and What It Is Not

It’s not about trying to force yourself to love your body when you have spent years loathing it.

It’s not about being resigned about the body shape you have.

It is about accepting what you have, and then using that acceptance as the springboard for change, if that is what you want. Newsflash: acceptance is NOT the same thing as complacency.

Let me repeat it: Acceptance is the foundation for change.

So the BCP supports the idea of getting fitter and increasing your strength, if that is what you want. In fact I have found that the acceptance work in this project has ramped up the time and intensity of my exercise...and this from someone who just a few months ago was limping instead of walking and constantly haunted by the phrase “early onset arthritis”. I tell you this to show you that anyone at any age (I’m 48) can feel stronger and fitter.

Body shame will stop this happening, and body confidence will do the opposite.

What is The Staircase Approach?

You would never try to leap up a flight of stairs in one go, and because I focus on helping people overcome their self-sabotage, I never get anyone to overhaul their problems all at once.

We take a step at a time.

If you cannot stand to look at yourself in a mirror (and I am designing the BCP with this sort of fear in mind) , the last thing anyone should ask you to do is look at yourself in a mirror on day one.

We take the first step, feel confident because of that small success. Now we are ready to tackle the next one. Snd the next...and before you know it, you’ve reached the top of the stairs AND you feel great!

Here are some more success stories...

Choose Between Online or Online + Coaching

The Body Confident Project - Online 

30 days of a variety of activities
Extra optional content

The Body Confident Project - Online + Coaching

30 days of a variety of activities
Extra optional content
3 x 30 min one-to-one coaching sessions via Zoom
4 weeks' daily check ins via Voxer or email (Mon- Fri)

I wanted to do The Body Confident Project because lack of body confidence has limited my choices in life and made me overly cautious. My work is largely ‘ cerebral’ and this creates a further mind/ body dissonance. I felt very alone in my wierd perfectionist-look-aren’t-I amazing-but-stressing-myself-out/actually-terrified-of-people world.

This project has improved various areas in my life – my relationship with husband is better, and I discovered that exercise especially in nature, quiet contemplation and mindfulness are as essential as water, sleep and food to my survival and wellbeing - and far more important than the size of my belly.

One of my favourite dates was the Desire Triggers one, and I was gripped by the speaking your truth story in date #19. One aspect I liked was when you illustrated a point with your vulnerability and experience. Harriet, you have no idea how much your bravery has helped me.

I think I have a much better relationship and feel more connected to my body now. Rather than feeling like it let me down all the time, I am seeing all the ways it has enabled me in many great achievements.



Senior NHS Consultant