Binge Eating Coach Harriet Morris

What If Your Food Issues Weren’t The Problem, But Hidden Clues?

Is binge or compulsive eating taking over your life? If so, I have some good news for you: there is a way out.

I know what I’m talking about, having been a binge eater for almost 3 decades. And I can

Harriet Morris
Harriet Morris

honestly say that I’m in successful recovery. If I had to put a figure on it, I’d say that I have dismantled about 95% of my urge to eat compulsively – all without dieting, or bonkers weight loss supplements.

Imagine being able to put it all behind you: the secrecy and shame of it, its addictive nature and surprising power to rule your life – it’s the way you behave around food (rather than the food itself) that knocks you off your feet.

How to Dismantle Binge Eating

I tried many of the ‘magic pill’ solutions such as hypnotherapy, EFT and so on before I came to a profound realisation. I worked this out partly through trial and error, and partly through my training as an eating psychology coach.

The truth is that crazed, chaotic eating is not greediness gone mad, nor is it a life sentence.

It’s a message.

Imagine you’re driving your car one day, and all of a sudden it starts to slow down and then grinds to a halt. What do you do?

Well, initially you might try the ignition. But then you look under the bonnet (okay, you may need someone else to take a look as well, but the point is that you need to go inside the machine for the cause of the breakdown).

Just as your car juddering to a halt is a message that you need to look inside it, so your compulsive eating is a message telling you that you need to look at something in your life. Dieting, detoxing or over exercising are useless here, as you might have experienced. They do not get rid of the urge to eat compulsively.

The compulsive or binge eating may have either a nutritional cause, or emotional/life challenge at its root. It may be a mix of both.

This is great news (even if it doesn’t feel like it right now) – because you can actually do something about it. Challenges are not missions impossible. As the physically challenged tennis star Roger Crawford said:

Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional

Coaching: The 6 Paths To Take You from Struggle to Adventure

Here I lay out the 6 main areas I work through with my clients. Below I describe how the coaching works.

Path 1: Nutritional Changes
What foods are creating havoc in your mood and hormones, bloating in your belly and overwhelming cravings in your brain? Which surprisingly simple nutritional tweaks at breakfast can prevent evening bingeing? We experiment to identify these, then work on the baby steps needed to go beyond short term success and embed these changes as second nature.


Path 2: Lifestyle Changes 
In what ways is your lifestyle supporting your bingeing? Do you kow tow to stress, believing it is just a fact of life? I can help you move through the challenges of your family, work and other factors in a way that empowers you – so that you no longer have to eat to deal with these issues. You use them as leverage to be yourself, only better.


Path 3: Cravings Busters

How to walk away from the deli aisle when your entire being is screaming for binge fodder. It CAN be done.


Path 4: Stand Up To Sabotage You
If you haven’t yet achieved the relationship with food you want, it’s ultimately down to one thing: Sabotage You. This is the part of your brain that orders you to overeat junk food on day 3 of your diet. But here’s the thing: Sabotage You is not your enemy. It’s actually trying to help you – it doesn’t think you can deal with shapeshifting. This very knowledge allows you to lose the useless guilt you feel over constantly falling off the wagon.
The work we do here is about recognising and acknowledging Sabotage You – then finding (sometimes crafty ways!) to overrule them and prove to them you can eat without using it as a coping mechanism, and weapon against yourself.This area of coaching is without doubt the one that I find gives a sense of liberation to every single client I have ever worked with. It’s a huge game changer.


Path 5: Put Your Habits On Autopilot
How would you like to be able to turn and walk away from the most tempting foods in the deli aisle, even if you have already decided to throw the towel in? I use simple neuroscience to show you how this is possible – if you don’t believe me, it’s because you are surrounded by people and a culture where willpower is seen as the only path to habit change. This is nonsense, and I can show you many curiosity-driven alternatives that tap into your rebel self. So even if Sabotage You is kicking up a fuss, even if lifestyle and nutritional changes feel impossible, I will work with you to embed the most important habits in the most doable way possible.


Path 6: Experimentation

You are a unique individual, and so need to experiment with finding what works for you. This is especially true if you’ve been sold magic wand solutions that claim to be THE answer to your bingeing. Part of reclaiming your power (and that’s really what this whole work is about – food is in essence a tool to do this) involves developing a reliance of YOUR innate wisdom. I am here to help you experiment in the most empowering way.


These 6 elements combine to take you from struggle to adventure – your own adventure in weight release. I can’t say how long it will take you, and it probably won’t be a smooth ride – but you can start feeling better about yourself – and empowered – straight away.


How Does Binge Eating Coaching Work?

I offer coaching in person, by phone, Skype or Facetime.

The minimum I offer is weekly one-hour sessions PLUS email check ins – because part of our work involves exactly how you can implement the ideas we discuss. Information without action is a waste of time and money.

Beyond this I offer daily coaching videos, shorter and more frequent sessions (including daily sessions), written or (password-protected) video summaries of our sessions and more. Having regular accountability and support makes a huge difference to my clients.

What Does It Cost?

Fees vary depending on the level of support you require.


Please be aware I do not accept every potential client who wants coaching. I do not want to waste your time or money if we are not a good fit.

The best thing is to book an informal chat with me by filling in the form below, or alternatively emailing me : info [at]

and I can answer any more questions you might have.

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