The Be Seen Diaries

What’s your greatest fear?

We are have fears that we know we should tackle, but there’s always a narrative we spin to stop us actually doing that.

In spring 2021 my biggest fear was that the world would find out how compulsive I had become in lockdown, and see the weight I had gained.

My unconscious was like a bully, menacing me to keep silent with the duct tape of shame over my mouth. All for my own good, of course.

I got so sick of this internal menacing that I went ahead and put an episode about it – here it is:

Like dealing with a bully, if you are open about your greatest fears you see that there is much less to worry about than you had thought. The bully has zero leverage.

Announcing my greatest fear to the world released me. It led me to get a deeper understanding of binge eating as a playground for lack of self acceptance, and the development of the incredibly powerful tool called eating presence. 

My greatest fear right now is being seen.

So guess what? Rinse and repeat with that unconscious bully. I have started a video diary with a weekly commitment to publish. 

Video Diary 2 – 18th Dec 2022

….in which I talk about the multiple meanings that have been thrust upon not just thinness vs fatness, but women’s bodies full stop….and how I want to navigate this in 2023.

Video Diary 3 –

Video Diary 4 – 4th January 2023

Diary 5 – The Liar Inside