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My name is Harriet Morris and I am the creator of The Body Confident Project.


This project aims to answer the following question: Can any woman start to accept her appearance in less than a month?


In the last few months since I started doing this project both for myself, my coaching clients and other women, I have discovered that the answer to that question is a resounding YES.

Listen to these real women's experiences:

What is The Body Confident Project?

The aim is to answer the question: Can you start to accept your body in less than a month?

When you join this project, you get a series of emails with practical activities, stories and journalling exercises (not to mention a dash of comedy).

You will be learning through video, audio and written content that will take you 10 minutes a day or less to go through.

  • Go beyond meaningless phrases like “It’s the personality that counts” and develop a rock-solid inner confidence based on neuroscience
  • Learn to decode your harsh inner critic and silence her
  • Turn social media into a body confidence support system (yes, you heard that right!)
  • Learn why you haven’t failed at exercise - it’s failed you
  • ...and change what it means so you can start to fall in love with getting active
  • Be the role model for girls around you that you’ve always wanted to be
  • Understand why mirrors often lie
  • Discover the 8 desire triggers that all heterosexual men respond to that have absolutely nothing to do with your body shape
  • Deal better with stress and learn how to stand up to negative people
  • Hear other women’s real life stories of getting body confident

Start Being Body Confident Right Now

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