How can Back To The Future help you stop compulsive eating? Give me 20 minutes and I will show you.


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…comes from the movie of course! It’s great to see how the stars embraced my Freedom from Sugar course years before I even created it!

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Today we are going to use Back To The Future to help you eat less compulsively in lockdown and start shifting to a more empowered way of handling stress and food at this time.

I introduce you to the concept of the internal and external locus of control. This is rather like the introvert/extrovert divide – just as most people are not one or the other (they are ambiverts on a continuum), I believe that we live on a sliding scale between the internal and external locus of control. The trick is to shift towards one as much of the time as possible.

In the second half, I discuss how you can move from having an external towards an internal locus, using some real life examples from my recent virtual retreat.

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