Have you ever heard anyone ever say “No, thanks, I don’t actually like bread”…? Nope, me neither. Taking a tour of not only the Sugar Rollercoaster, but the Neolithic age, The Roman Empire and The Hunger Games, let’s take a peek at the fascinating and surprisingly shocking hold bread has on the human race.




*Stupid Headline of The Week* 

No Gluten, No Dairy, No Joy

*Main section: Why Is Bread So Addictive? *

A short preface on gluten intolerance – the symptoms.

I then have a discussion on if we should change the word ‘addictive’ in the same way I want us to replace ‘addiction’ with compulsion’?

There are 2 reasons why bread is addictive.

Reason #1 relates to white bread. Being a source of highly refined carbohydrate, it triggers the production of glucose and consequently insulin into the blood stream. It is this regular emergency response, the call for insulin that can lead to obesity, type II diabetes and a host of other health problems.

Reason #2 is less well known. You probably know that bread contains gluten, but have you ever heard of gluten exorphins? They have an opioid effect on the brain and can cause spontaneous behaviour. Compulsive binge, anyone?

Fascinating factoid of the week: The roman empire used bread to subjugate the peoples it was dominating






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