This show is the first of 2 episodes about how to stop stress eating. Today, we meet Cavebrain – the blind and stubborn bouncer that has been living in your head for years, and is responsible certainly for stress eating – as well as other eating issues you are probably not aware of. It also affects other areas of life, so it is useful for everyone (except maybe)  Zen Buddhist monks). Discover how to manage it – listen here:


Part 2 is next week


*Quote of The Week*

…is from Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions by Russell Brand. ‘The object, in itself, is not bad’…and more.

Main section – Cavebrain -The Mystery of Stress Eating Solved

We like to think, with our moon landings and smartphones and scientific breakthroughs, that we are superior to our primitive cavedwelling ancestors. Stop being so arrogant! The human brain is still, in many ways, designed for life tens or hundreds of thousands of years ago. Today I explore what I call Cavebrain – those instinctual tendancies we have that were life-saving for cavedwelling, but can disrupt not just our efforts at eating better, but at living better in the 21st century. In a nutshell, Cavebrain comes down to two things: our fight or flight mechanism, and our deep craving for the comfort and protection of a strongly connected tribe.

Find out how these two things can get us into trouble today, and how to manage Cavebrain so it isn’t managing your life and eating patterns.


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