Ah yes – Easter. Or should that be Eatster?!? The carnival of compulsion, the festival of blood sugar spikes where rides on the sugar rollercoaster are always free. Except they’re not, are they??? Let’s see how we can navigate all this.




*Stupid Idea of The Week*

The Fringe Benefits of Stupidity – scaremongering tabloid headlines do sometimes have a pearl of wisdom…if we look hard enough. The asteroid image is here.

*Main section: The Easter Survival Kit For Chocoholics*

Over the next week, I will be releasing 4 minisodes as well as this one to help you tackle the compulsive carnival that is Easter for so many people. Today I discuss the groundwork: Stop HFTBing. What is HFTBing and how can it scupper our goals to reclaim our lives from food?

I give one specific way you can prevent compulsive eating this Easter weekend. Don’t roll your eyes when you hear it – it is more powerful than you think (just ask your dopamine centre).




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