Today I have a thought experiment for you: what would really happen if you could instantly have the perfect, movie-star ready body of your dreams? And some ways that can actually start to like your body more.


*Stupid Idea of The Week*

Not one, but a whole host of stupid ideas, courtesy of my favourite new podcast Dexter Guff is Smarter Than You.

*Main section: The Celebrity Body Thought Experiment*

Some things to think about:

*The adoration of celebrity body shape masks a harsh perfectionism that makes us more miserable than we need to be

*Why daily weigh ins don’t help

*What disembodiment and airbrushed perfectionism is

*How to use your experience with relationships to challenge your own perfectionism

*What self criticism in this area

*What a protective fat suit is

I end with some very down-to-earth ways you can start to actually like* your imperfect body.

*No gushing adoration required 



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