In today’s podcast I explain why sugar is so addictive. It’s not your willpower that is lacking – those little white granules have hijacked your brain. 


The sugar episode. I lived under the shadow of sugar for almost three decades. I got my exit visa from sugar hell five years ago. Scratch that – I issued my own visa. There are different factors in my success – but getting out of the guilt trap was key for me.

I hope this episdode will de guilt you about your sugar compulsion.


*Stupid Idea of The Week*

This week it’s the ‘honey is healthy’ myth. There is a whole army of snakeoil businesses selling you fake sugar alternatives that are about as healthy as my Michael Sheen obsession (just joking!)

You can get your 1 page lie detector PDF – The Hidden Sugars Checklist at


*Main Section – How Sugar Hijacks Your Brain*


Get below the surface myth that says your inability to get off the sugar train is down to lack of willpower. What is really happening is processed sugar is hijacking your brain chemistry. We are far more at the mercy of our neurochemicals than people believe.


In this section you will understand:

  • Why eating sugar is like a rollercoaster from hell for your mind, body and emotions
  • The neurochemical basis for your sugar cravings
  • What neurochemicals actually are (in plain English)

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