Golden Globes and Stupid Questions: How to Turn Your Eating Problems Into The Doorway To Change


Today I take a short excerpt from The Australian drama The Code and using it to help you turn your eating problems into the doorway for change. Sounds impossible? It isn’t! Plus my take on The 2018 Golden Globes.

Great Speech of The Week

Replacing Stupid Idea of The Week is a short section on Seth Myers’ opening speech at The Golden Globes 2018. I answer the quesion: Is it acceptable to make jokes about Me Too, Harvey Weinstein and sexual harrassment?

Main Section – A Stupid Question That Can Turn Your Compulsive Eating On Its Head

Can we accept that problem we didn’t choose and maybe even turn it to our advantage, to use it as fuel for change in our lives outside of our eating problems?


*Why the confusion and ideological conflict in the health and nutrition industries can actually be a blessing in disguise

*How you can develop your own powerful BS radar when it comes to so-called gurus

*What Cavebrain is, and how to work with – instead of be controlled by – it

*What the wounded healer is

*How we can help our kids and young people around us



Seth Myers’ Golden Globes Speech:

Episode 19: Me Too: Release Your Trauma and Put Food Out of A Job It Was Never Meant To Do (EC19)

Episode 4: How sugar Hijacks Your Brain

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