What cover stories do we tell ourselves to legitimise a binge? More importantly, how is that binge a cover story for a deeper problem in your life? These can be uncomfortable, yet incredibly liberating questions. Come with me and let’s find out the answer.



*Stupid Idea of The Week*

…is the concept of loss when applied to weight. Find out why it is a stupid verb to use in this context, and what to replace it with


*Main section: Food Lies
Let’s look at some of the untruths we deceive ourselves in order to continue diminishing our lives with compulsion, and how we use food as a really understandable invisible cover story for deeper issues.

Find out:
The difference between a lazy and safety cover story

The difference between the lies you tell yourself ABOUT food and how food ITSELF can be a cover story – a deeply self-critical one that masks a far more neutral, compassionate truth. Don’t you want to discover what that is?

What Cavebrain is

How you can start to uncover your own cover stories right now



Episode 19: Me Too

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