Today I look at chocolate: why it is so magnetic, if it is even addictive, how you can eat less of it – and how to deal with the huge amounts of the stuff around at Christmas and other holidays. All with the help of Jim Carrey…



In this week’s Eating Coach radio show (podcast), it’s time to dismantle some of the mystique around chocolate, so allowing you to reduce you consumption without feeling deprived – but instead being empowered. I went from 4 bars a day to zero for the last five years.

*Stupid Idea of The Week*

The whole debate on whether chocolate is addictive, because it is often a backdoor way to downgrade the compulsive’s fixation to not-so-bad-as-drugs-so-what-are-you-complaining-about?

*Main section*

Why this substance is so magnetic to us. The answer is NOT about the so-called magical properties that you can never pronounce – a 2007 study debunks that myth – but something far more basic…yet far more interesting and complex. Discover what our cavedwelling design has got to do with it, and…

A reason for the extra layer of compulsion that people with eating issues often feel around chocolate: It comes down to the difficult relationship between guilt and pleasure that food compulsives have.

How to eat less or give up chocolate using The Jim Carrey Test…or should I say The Jim Carrey VS Jon Hamm Test. Find out which one represents YOUR ideal relationship (or non relationship) with chocolate. Plus the power of experimentation and how it will empower you. The three other strategies at your disposal.

How to deal with chocolate during the holidays – realistically



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