Does caffeine make your eating problems worse? Here are 5 powerful questions that cut through all the conflicting data on the subject. As you will hear, your daily coffee(s) may aggravate your binge eating and so forth in ways you are not aware of.



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Does caffeine make you binge eat – or at least make it worse? A strange question, but a useful one. Less a rant about the evils of coffee, and more a challenge to investigate and question your dependence on this legal drug.

I give a quick overview of the health benefits and downsides of caffeine, one of which is less-well known but hugely important in the hit your morning coffee gives you. You need to know this information!

Includes 5 important questions that will help you to challenge your own caffeine consumption.

Question 1: What does caffeine symbolise to me?

Question 2: What is my tolerance level for caffeine?

Question 3: If caffeine were banned, what would be the upsides for me?

Question 4:…and the downsides?

Question 5: How do I feel after a caffeine elimination trial?



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