Today I have not a magic pill, but a key concept that will help you binge-proof your mind. Want to stop that compulsive eating self-sabotage? Listen in. There is an F word – but not what you are thinking! I’m talking about failure – and using it for a very specific purpose that actually fuels success.



*Stupid Idea of The Week*

Breatharianism. No food whatsoever. A fast with no time limit. Need I say more? Well clearly I do… The worst excesses of spirituality meets the worst excesses of fad dietism.

*Main section*

The title of this week’s show was inspired by Jia Jiang’s very readable book Rejection Proof, based on his experience of actively seeking rejection over 100 days as a way to rid himself of his crippling fear of – you guessed it – rejection. The lesson for binge eating? Well, when you binge, you probably interpret that as one massive failure in the same way that most people see rejection as failure.

Instead, Jia used the apparent failure of rejection for a very specific purpose that actually fuelled his success. Find out what it is in this episode, as well as the different questions you need to ask about your so-called failures with food in order to turn them over for your own higher purpose.




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