The Appetite Killer Experiment

What if I told you that the food you eat in the first half of the day can significantly reduce your appetite in the afternoon and evening? (the most common times that people make choices they regret, like eating junk food)

This experiment will give you a chance to see if I am right. 

How To Do This Experiment

#1 Watch this video on sumo wrestlers. It explains the importance of fuelling yourself in the first half of the day

#2 Now decide what you will eat for breakfast, lunch (and mid morning snack if you are used to that).

To get maximum results, you should include protein and healthy fat in both your breakfast and lunch. This sheet has examples of foods that contain both.


#3 Now decide which day you are going to do this experiment. Be sure you have all the foods available and know when you are going to prep them (or get someone else to do that!)

#4 Do the experiment. Notice if you are less hungry mid-afternoon onwards. Notice if any junk food cravings are easier - or have disappeared.

Bonus Experiment Combine the above changes with eating more slowly. 

Now if you are rolling your eyes and sighing "Well how to do I do THAT???".... worry not because that's what I did when I first learnt about slow eating. Don't worry - I won't tell you to chew 30 times. On the page below, I have some specific things you can do to make slowing down easier.

IS Eating Slowly