About Harriet Morris – The Warts and All Bio

My Bio In A Nutshell

I am a coach who offers motivation support for anyone worried by type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. I specialise in helping you dismantle the internal resistance that you don’t understand.


The Longer Bio…

This is usually the bit where you see a squeaky clean success story, unblemished by failure or mistakes. In your shoes, I would prefer my guides to have a few life wrinkles and cracks showing, as well as the good stuff. So here is my warts and all bio. Welcome to imperfection!

1970s: Born. 1980s: Annoying teen. 1990s: Spend most of my twenties attempting to reinvent myself by living in 7 cities in 4 countries, blithely ignoring the truism that wherever you go, there you are. Favourite hobby of teens, twenties and thirties is eating. Scratch that – binge eating. Food compulsion is my number one frenemy.

Mid 1990s: Train to be a teacher. Spend over a decade attempting to inculcate the youth of Britain with the the joy of learning a foreign language. Do many hugely creative lessons, and get featured in the UK national The Times, but on the whole, fail spectacularly. Leave teaching, have kids. Embark on a range of doomed online businesses that also ensure I will never make any 30 Under 30 lists.

2012 My sugar addiction makes my life untenable. In 6 weeks, I free myself from its grip using a counterintuitive mix of experimentation, lack of commitment and the hero’s journey. Start making the same inroads into my binge eating, all the while falling off a few trauma release cliffs and surfacing self-hatred which is then able to be released.

2014 Qualify in eating psychology and start coaching food rebels. Over the next few years identify the massive elephant in the room of not just health advice, but personal development: Most people resist what they long for. Develop a whole host of strategies for food rebels. Many relieved and liberated clients.

2017 Start The Eating Coach podcast, which is immediately featured on iTunes New And Noteworthy. Over 200 episodes and 200,000 downloads to date.

2020-21 Everything falls apart in lockdown and, like a terrible Terminator sequel, my food compulsion comes back. Again, my life becomes untenable. This leads me to make some big changes and shift to a deeper level of putting food out of a job and embracing presence and self-acceptance. What I thought had been a disaster – COVID – turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

2022-3 Discover Robert Fritz’ book The Path of Least Resistance and use his concept of the creative orientation to expand my coaching from solving the problem of food compulsion to creating a life free of it. Start seeing expanded results with clients: improvements in anxiety and depression, but also blood pressure, back pain and my own mobility issues see a big improvement.

2024 Now I am focusing on motivation support for those affected by type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

Hey Surprise! If you’ve got this far, you qualify for a secret free diabetes coaching session. I will give you 50 minutes of my time and I guarantee you will walk away with at least one actionable step to feel better and get back some of that autonomy that I know you have sorely missed. Here’s the secret link (I reserve the right to take it down at any time)….and Ssh! Don’t tell anyone…



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