An Introduction and Planning  Session 

Step One: Choose Your Seedling Change


A Seedling Change is a small habit. Like a seedling, if it is consistently nurtured, it can grow into something much, much bigger.

Question: What is small enough to incorporate into your day, but has a big enough potential to make a real difference this time next month?


20 minutes exercise a day

15 minutes food planning

10 minutes meditation

Half and hour to yourself after dinner.

Ramekin 5 exercise for slow eating 

Introduce yourself and say what ideas you have for your seedling change

Step Two: Choose Your Support Scaffold

For example...

It could be an environmental change - put running or workout clothes out the night before your morning workout, or put the alarm clock on the other side of the room

It could be connection - have someone to check in with to say you are doing it. Even better, leverage the power of a small community. 

Dismantling Resistance

This is a new add-on to my coaching. Possibility Shifting is a way to reach the root cause of your resistance and give your brain the message that it no longer needs to self-sabotage. 

Possibility Shift

Step Three: Create A Daily Progress Check and Celebration

Progress check 

Tick chart - Tick on calendar or in diary

Post in the Eating Coach group 

Check ins with me (one to one clients) 


Tiny habits - physical gesture - fist pump, we are the champions arms raised 

Beyond the daily celebration, you could share a future visualisation (may be better than a commitment) with the group on a Wednesday