Can changing your mindset around your health condition (a) make managing it easier and (b) help positively impact or even reverse that condition?

I can help you change the narrative around your health, so that you can stop catastrophising, feel empowered, sleep better and make life easier

Harriet Morris

The  Health  Transformation  Project

Modern medicine has taught you that any health problem  means that you need to focus on what is wrong. 

This creates a state of psychological tension where on one hand, you are told that you should be the passive recipient of medicine, or treatment. 

On the other, the anxiety caused by the focus on the problem makes you anything BUT passive.

You unintentionally nurture your health problem because of the stress caused by the focus on the problem.

Instead, by focusing on your ideal state of wellbeing and directly dismantling any resistance to change, we can allow the body to activate its incredible power to heal itself.

Result: you get to live your healthiest, most vital life .

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The Body Confident Project answers the question: Can any woman start to accept her shape in one  month? It goes beyond mere wishful thinking, and taps into evolutionary psychology to help you access the two key principles of better body image: self-acceptance and resilience.