Do You Struggle With Food?

Are you sick of failing at yet another diet? (Spoiler alert: it’s not your fault – diets are failing you)

Is your weight an issue for you…but at the same time you despair about how short term those quick fix programmes are?

Do you feel controlled by food – but  instinctively know that there’s a better way?

Are you fed up with giving your power away?

Do you feel like nobody understands you?



I am Harriet Morris, The Eating Coach – and I can help you turn your struggles with food and weight into an empowered adventure.harrietmorris

In an adventure, things don’t always go smoothly – but the least they do change, and make you feel alive and empowered. It’s about taking back power from food, and starting to live the life you are meant to.

Would you like to:

  • Change how you eat without feeling deprived or bad about yourself
  • Be able to sit through meetings around tables laden with trigger foods and not eat them
  • Stop waging a war against yourself

Learning how your body and mind really operate means you can start to work with – not against – yourself. Imagine what it would be like to give your body exactly what it needs (as opposed to what your cravings want)? Do you think it’s going to repay you with unwanted weight gain, increased eating problems and digestive upset? Of course not. Instead, it will reward you with  empowered eating habits and better digestion. Who knows what else you can change with this solid foundation?

Once you start to change how you think about your eating challenges, you’re off on your adventure. Some of the changes start to take effect in as little as a week. Just think what you can do in 12 weeks.

Harriet Morris is a qualified eating psychology coach.