Mindset Coaching for Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes

Think better, eat better - and start reversing diabetes today

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Your coach Harriet Morris is an      ex-sugar addict and food rebel in successful recovery. She has been helping binge eaters for over a decade and is host of The Eating Coach podcast (200,000 downloads).

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Sit down for peace talks with your T2 diabetes self-sabotage...and then tie its shoelaces under the table!

Have you been trying to stick to the perfect diabetes-reversing diet, but feeling like a failure?

You feel guilty when you fall off the wagon, but the only advice from the experts seems to be “You should know better”

But what if…there was nothing wrong with you?

And what if…information is not enough?

And what if…all the experts don’t understand how to help you dismantle your self-sabotage, because they’ve never felt it?

What if…autonomy was a more powerful motivator than trying to be good?

What if…willpower and self-discipline were actually cover stories for a far more user-friendly set of tools and strategies that anyone can access?