Free Eating Psychology Worksheets

I am looking at building the amount of book reviews I have on Amazon. I have created a number of harrietmorrisdirectoryworksheets to use with clients or in courses you lead that I am offering in return for honest Amazon reviews.

My clients have really enjoyed the worksheets, as they have something to refer to after a session, and also it means you don’t need to remember every detail, for example which oils are healthiest. You can whip your sheet out and look super organised!

Please note I am not looking for perfect glowing reviews, I really do want honesty. Reviews that say what the reader disliked as well as liked are actually valuable as they give me feedback and looks more real.

All of my books are quite short, around an hour, although some include videos which add time on.

About The Worksheets

For each published review I am offering 3 worksheets.

Here is an example of one of my worksheets. Click on the title to download:

Real And Fake Pleasure

Please use it as you wish, but it is not to be published.

Other worksheets:

How when you eat helps weight loss

The cycle of change

Breakfast & lunch meal ideas

Eating and stress

Exercise style

Breathing for weight loss

Problem Reframing


Artificial sweeteners

About The Books

The titles are:

Permanent Weight Loss: The 1% Difference

Click the image to go to the Amazon page for this book

onepercent130x179If you’re in the UK the Amazon page for this book is here

How to Eat Slowly: 25 Games For Food Rebels

Click the image to go to the Amazon page for this book

eatslowly130x182If you’re in the UK the Amazon page for this book ishere

Advanced notice: Out on 15th October: my next book on trauma and eating problems

1. Choose which book you want to review (you can review more than one if you like, and get more worksheets). Buy the kindle version on Amazon (follow the links above) – I have just reduced the price to a dollar/ under £1 until Fri 26th September. If you have no kindle you can read it on a PC using the free kindle software (download here). Failing that, message me with your email address and I can send you a PDF.

2. Post your review on Amazon then FB message me or mail me at theshiftinside {at} with this info:
– your amazon name ( so I can recognise your review) and which book you reviewed.
– the names of the 3 worksheets you want
I will then message you back with the links to the worksheets.

If you want to review more than one book and get more worksheets, no problem 🙂

IMPORTANT: these worksheets are for individual client use and face to face group work. They must not be used in any online courses or published in any form, digitally or otherwise.

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