What Is Shapeshifting? (audio)

This is a follow on from the previous episode (130) The Backwards Law of Weight Loss and describes the only viable alternative: Shapeshifting.


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Today I talk about exactly what Shapeshifting is and how it differs from your traditional diets and so forth.

#1 The first difference between weight loss and shapeshifting can be found in the answer to the question What will you be when you have reached the size that you long to be? In traditional det culture, the answer to that question is: be less. Shapeshifting says you will be… – Be what??? Listen and find out.


#2 WL says: No more junk EVER! Which will of course lead to self-sabotage. Shapeshifting takes a different approach, one that leads to sustainable, long term and struggle-free change.


#3 Change how you measure your progress – and for that you have various options open to you.

Shapeshifting 2020 is a small group coaching programme over 90 days that will help you implement all these ideas and more. Find out more here:




Read my shapeshifting story here:



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EC 130  – The Backwards Law of Weight Loss episode:

The Backwards Law of Weight Loss (Audio)





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