The Backwards Law of Weight Loss (Audio)

…Starring Usain Bolt, a bearded philosopher, a rebellious teenager and some real aha moments!

With only 1% of dieters sustainably reaching their goal, It’s not enough to sit back and announce diets and weight loss programmes don’t work. The far more interesting questions are: Why don’t they work, and what can we replace them with?



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In this first of 2 episodes, I talk about how a psychological theory called The Backwards Law can help us pinpoint one of the reasons for massive failure rate of the diet industry.

Listen to part 2 What is shapeshifting?



…is how much the diet industry is worth. Go on, take a guess. All I can say is: I know.

In what other industry does the performance of the product have so little bearing on profit margins?



The Backwards Law of Weight Loss

Alan Watts: When you try to stay on the surface of the water, you sink; but when you try to sink, you float

This law is all about how pushing towards something means we never get there. While this is not universally true, it really is when it comes to slimming.

In the first section, I explain how trying to lose weight leads to its failure: it is down to the reliance on 2 very widely accepted failure mechanisms. Can you guess what they are?

In section two, I talk about why all this is happening. I believe that weight loss expresses a strong desire to do something that not many people understand, but I see everywhere.



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