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What Is Shapeshifting? (audio)

This is a follow on from the previous episode (130) The Backwards Law of Weight Loss and describes the only viable alternative: Shapeshifting.   Subscribe to This Podcast in… …because not every episode is published here on the blog Shownotes Today I talk about exactly what Shapeshifting is and how it differs from your traditional […]

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The Backwards Law of Weight Loss (Audio)

…Starring Usain Bolt, a bearded philosopher, a rebellious teenager and some real aha moments! With only 1% of dieters sustainably reaching their goal, It’s not enough to sit back and announce diets and weight loss programmes don’t work. The far more interesting questions are: Why don’t they work, and what can we replace them with? […]

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Dallas Buyers’ Weight Loss Club

Note: no plot lines were spoilt in the making of this blog post What has The film Dallas Buyers’ Club got to do with weight loss? On the surface, not that much. But look a little deeper and you’ll see that it does actually have a lot to tell us about empowered shapeshifting and dismantling compulsive […]

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Matt Damon Weight Loss (Video)

What has Matt Damon got to teach us about weight loss? Watch this scene from Good Will Hunting and then I’ll tell you… The point here is that Will (played by Damon), the maths genius, is cocky, full of himself and starts out able to cut any ideas that his therapist (Robin Williams) has down […]

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