S l o o o o o w Eating Games

The audio walkthrough has some slow eating games (listed below). Follow along, choose whichever work for you - and ditch the others.


Always remember that slow eating is a practice, NOT a perfect

NB You will need a timer for game 5 (use the one on your phone)



If the player doesn't work, just copy and paste this webpage address into your browser:

http://www. theshiftinside.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/SlowEatingGames.mp3


Games In This Walkthrough

  1. Deep breath before a mouthful
  2. Taste Detective
  3. Box Eating
  4. One Minute Mouthful
  5. Beat The Clock Backwards
  6. The Slo Mo Filmstar

Other Games

I will add more as I invent them!


More or Less

Best for food you eat with a spoon. In this game, you vary the amount of food you eat in each mouthful.

Spoonful 1 = tiny (a quarter of a spoonful)
Spoonful 2 = twice the amount of #1
Spoonful 3 = twice spoonful #2 (whole spoonful)

...and repeat for the whole meal. Start with say just a couple minutes of this game at the start of a meal. See how it plays with your perceptions of how much a whole spoonful feels like! Like an optical illusion for the soul!

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