The Psychology of Weight Loss

Bio-Individuality and The Shawshank Redemption


This page gives away the ending of the film, so go and see it if you don’t want me to give the game away

Soon after I cleared the clouds from my mind by cutting out 90% of processed sugar from my diet, I was at a networking meeting extolling the virtues of having balanced moods, more energy, minimal PMT and sharper thinking.

The woman I was speaking to looked at me pityingly and said “Well, maybe one day you can enjoy cake again…everything in moderation, you know?”

Watch this clip from The Shawshank Redemption, where we see Andy Dufresne, a wrongly accused man, escape from prison after literally decades. Watch especially for the way he raises his arms, victorious as he exits the sewer pipe at the end.

I looked at this woman with her ‘everything in moderation’ speech and it was as if she had just fast forwarded the film and missed the decades of brutal attacks, the humiliation and the no-quality of life Andy had endured. It was as if she had started watching the film when he enters the sewer pipe.

To me, the initial difficulty of getting off sugar was tough – but compared to the decades of mental chain gang I had endured, it was like that 500 yards of sewer pipe – not pleasant, but the only escape route. And definitely worth putting up with.

Every time I am offered any previously addictive food like cake, I feel like Andy does as he stands there in the rain, arms raised in victory. This is the freedom of not even wanting the damn thing 🙂

Understanding and valuing bio-individuality will help you start to value your own unique body wisdom. Had I measured what is a reasonable amount of sugar to consume by the bland, unoform standards of this woman, I’d still be riding the rollercoaster of blood sugar highs and crashes and blaming my perceived anxieties and neuroses for my unbalanced brain chemistry.

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