Self Acceptance

Welcome to days 39 to 41 of homeplay for Adventures In Weight Loss

cartwheelSelf Acceptance

For these 3 days, you are going to do a self – acceptance experiment. You are not allowed to say anything negative about yourself. If someone pays you a compliment or offers you something, get into your Queen/King and accept graciously.
If you need to apologise for something, make sure you say sorry for your actions, not for what a terrible person your Sabotage Self is trying to persuade you that you are!
Other self – acceptance acts to try:

• Journal about 10 things you do well that many people struggle with
• Dress up as if you are going to a wedding. Do you feel better about yourself?
• Stand in front of the mirror (full length) and say “It is what it is”
• If you have a problem, give yourself advice as if you are helping a friend. Are you kinder to yourself than usual?

If this homeplay is challenging, just try and sit with the discomfort.

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