Freedom from Stress Eating

Part 3: Mood Hijacker Foods

In this part we look at those foods that may be causing you unnecessary stress through an individual sensitivity you may have – how to identify these foods, and what to do about it.

Video 3.1


Video 3.2

Article: Signs of non-celiac gluten sensitivity


Note on Alcohol

Please note: I haven’t discussed signs that alcohol might be a mood hijacker food, because it is a huge topic and I would need to differentiate between hangovers and dependency. It is not the focus of this course, but definitely worth a mention.


Video 3.3


Video 3.4: Your Action Steps

Summary of the action steps

If you feel one or more foods are problematic, do an elimination experiment  for two weeks. Then on day 15, eat lots of that foodstuff. Your body, having had a welcome rest from the mood hijacker food, will let you know loud and clear if it is a problem.


(A) You will feel terrible on or after day 15 – now you have an amazing tool to deal with your overwhelm and other problems


(B) You will not notice much of a difference – this is also a great result, because now you don’t have to worry that this food might be affecting you.

IMPORTANT: This experiment is not obligatory. Neither should you do it right now if you feel you need a bit of psyching up time. Our Sabotage Selves can throw us into extreme experiences with no preparation…or can create the most intriguingly clever excuses to not do the things we need to. The solution is to be your own scientist. There are no good or bad results her – only data. And all data is useful.

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