SAS Plan

Welcome to days 48 – 50 of homeplay for Adventures In Weight Loss

cartwheelSmall Action Success Plan

You are going to create your Small Action Success Plan over these 3 days.
The idea here is to take any change suggested by the course and increase your chances of implementing it by making you aware of any potential self sabotage and breaking it down into do-able baby steps.
To create your plan, answer the following questions :

1. What change do I want to make?
(eg eat less bread)

2. How can I get started by doing a short term specific experiment? Describe it.
(eg eat no bread after 12 noon for a week)

3. How challenging is this experiment?
Give a mark out of 10. If your answer is 7 or more, can you make the experiment easier (while still being worthwhile) ?
(eg I’d prefer to swap to gluten free bread for a week)

4. What are the potential difficult times during this experiment?
(eg evenings – I love having toast after the kids go to bed)

5. How can I plan ahead to deal with these challenges?
(eg eat a better more nutritious evening meal to prevent toast cravings, find a buddy to go cold turkey with, reward myself every day etc)

6. What preparations do I need to do?
(eg better meal planning, list daily rewards in advance)

7. When is the best date to start my experiment?

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