The Eating Coach Programmes


Want to lose weight, but feel hopeless and dejected after the latest diet backfired on you? Enter Shapeshifting, the 90 day one-to-one or group coaching experience that is tailor-made for food rebels. Based on sound nutritional principles, this programme comes with a whole toolbox of motivational and other strategies that will help you neutralise your self-sabotage and empower you to make the healthiest choices without feeling deprived or bad about yourself.

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Freedom From Sugar - The 14 Day Kickstarter

Imagine an invisible shield between you and the dessert aisle. Imagine all the things you could do if you were free from sugar. This course gives you the strongest possible start by tackling the nutritional and mindset changes necessary - as well as the ability to put the junk down, however strong your cravings are.

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