Jung's Archetypes 

The Prince and The King

According to Carl Jung, a man’s development goes through two major phases in his

The Prince - from birth to mid forties or fifty years old. The Prince archetype is
all about seeking, challenge, finding your identity by various paths. These can be
as varied as entrepreneurship or politics or warfare.

The King - is settled in his identity. He serves and is served by those that he has power over.

Does all this sound horribly prescriptive? What if you are a social worker, a writer, a primary school teacher? Then the Prince/King energy finds its outlet in
your field and your personality. For example:

*Recovering from childhood trauma and training other social workers is a Prince to
King pathway.

*Graduating from writing to public speaking as a way to face your fears is a very
Kingly act

*Fatherhood offers numerous opportunities to be in your King role (if you are of Prince age when you become a father, you are a more powerful Prince, with King energy)

There are good princes and kings and bad ones. The clip above from The Bourne Supremacy shows a good Prince (Jason Bourne) and a bad King.

You can be a powerful Prince or King in any situation. Nelson Mandela, when he was enorisoned in Robben Island, used this opportunity to train fellow ANC members - so
muxh so that they nicknamed the prison Mandela University.

The main challenges I see for my male clients are

***How to deal with compulsive eating and the body shame culture heaps upon them, responding as a King, not a Prince. The Price way they have already tried: intense workout
programmes offering the illusion of returning to age 21

***How to be a King, when culture is obsessed with “Princing” everyone.By this I mean the glorification of the six pack, and a young man’s physique.

In your sessions we can discuss how to navigate these challenges and define what being The Prince or King is for you personally.

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