My Greatest Fear

What is your greatest fear?

Many compulsive eaters would say “Always being like this” or if they have just had a detox that was successful: “Falling off the wagon again”

Here is a video of the fear movie playing in my head yesterday:

What??? I hear you say.

Yesterday an interview with me was published with Steph Crowder of the Courage and Clarity podcast.

Didn’t it go well? You can decide if you listen below.

My fear came from a harsh perfectionism that used to fuel my compulsive eating.

These days, I am good at keeping this toxic nonsense in check…but it does rear its head every time I step up my game.

An hour long interview with a popular, quality podcast? I have never done that. Enter harsh perfectionism stage left. Did I make a tiny mistake? Will everyone hate me?

I knew what was going on. I knew not to fall for this myopic view of the situation.

At some point, the above scene from Frankenstein came to me. I managed to turn my fear into that torch-wielding mob – and all of a sudden it was FUNNY.

I even joked to a friend at the end of the day: “Still waiting for the angry mob to come round my house for being an imperfect human being. I’ll tell you if they turn up.”

Funnily enough, I’m still waiting.

This fear has already diminished significantly (Look, I wrote this post, didn’t I?) – whereas the fears described at the top of the page always seem to stay static – because they seem to be immoveable mountains. I know my fear will come back as I move up a gear in life – and I can move through it again.

Listen to the interview here:



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